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Your garage door is a vital and indispensable part of your property. A sturdy garage door, apart from enhancing the value of your property, also increases the curb appeal of your house and the end result is that you get favorable responses from buyers. Getting a sturdy garage door installed at your place is the first and the most basic step that you can take towards securing your property, given the fact that a garage connects the exterior and the main area. Also, garage doors require regular inspection and maintenance to function effectively.

An average garage door has a useful life of 15-20 years. You’ll start encountering problems in handling your garage door after the end of this period. It is, therefore, advisable that you opt for new garage door installation to avoid this issue.

Also garage doors are complex devices and consist of numerous big and small parts which work in tandem to facilitate the opening and closing of a garage door. The functioning and mechanism of these parts are only understood by experts. Also new garage door installation is a complex process and the one who performs this task is required to disassemble the old door, assemble the replacement and then install it. Due to these reasons, new garage door installation is a task best left to experts.

If you’re in Pearland, Texas and are looking to avail trusted new garage door installation services, we at Garage Door Repair, Pearland, Texas would be pleased to offer our services to you. We’re a professional service provider and handle a range of garage door variants such as insulated garage doors, metal garage doors, roll up garage doors, carriage style garage doors, carriage house garage doors and wooden garage doors.

Our trained and experienced team of professionals also specializes in providing automatic garage door installation services, which is considered to be a complex job given the fact that an array of devices, along with the door, has to be installed and inspected.

Types of Garage Doors That We Can Install

We employ a team of adept and experienced professionals who have years of experience in offering new garage door installation services. These experts are adept in installing average sized single garage doors (measuring 10”x7”, 9”x7” and 8”x7”) as well as bulkier double garage doors (measuring 16”x7”, 14”x7” and 12”x7”).

We do not believe in the adage that one size fits all. Homeowners have different needs and requirements. This is the reason why we offer customized services. This actually means that you can not just get your door designed as per your preferences but you can also get the length of your garage door curtailed or modified as required.

We also deal in top notch garage door variants built by renowned manufacturers. These models are known for their sturdiness and effectiveness and by using them, you will not have to incur a lot of maintenance and repair costs. We deal in standard garage door sizes as well as oversized ones. Be rest assured that whatever your requirement is, we will have a solution for it.

As a service provider, it is our responsibility to ensure that our products and services are available to homeowners at affordable rates. This service objective is one of our most important cornerstones and beliefs that our organization is based upon. To achieve this objective, we come up with regular discounts and offers. You too can avail these offers by paying a visit to our website and can shop for products on sale.

Gone are the days when availing new garage door installation and other specialized services burnt a hole in your pocket. We have become a troubleshooter looking for new garage door installation and other services and have helped our customers by providing them with quality services at reasonable prices.

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Our Commitment

We’ve always strived towards providing 24/7 services to our customers. We have been providing new garage door installation and other services to the residents of Pearland for years and are well aware of the fact that garage door issues can arise at any time of the day. To ensure that you’re not left unassisted during these distressing times, we offer round-the-clock services.

You can contact us at any time of the day and we assure you that we will provide a sustainable solution to all your garage door issues. This is one of the most important services provided by us as it helps us in understanding a problem in detail. It also makes possible for our experts to get to a problem’s root cause, which makes it easier for them to offer prompt and effective troubleshooting services.

We also take up emergency cases on an urgent basis. The solutions to such problems are provided on the same day itself. And we all know that the key to using a garage door effectively is that you tackle and stem out issues as and when they arise.

And the best part is that all these services are provided at no extra costs.

About Our Service Team

Our team consists of adept professionals who have years of experience of handling regular as well as complex garage door issues. These experts handle a range of garage door variants on a regular basis and know a lot about their designs and functionality. This knowledge helps them offer effective services no matter which garage door variant a homeowner is using.

Also, our service professionals are trained to be courteous while interacting with their customers. These experts keep an eye to detail, a quality which comes with years of practice and precision. These experts are also well aware of the fact that an ordinary homeowner finds it difficult to understand complex technical jargons. This is the reason why all our experts avoid using technical terms. This helps promote transparency and leaves no room for confusion.

It is also important to ensure that both the parties involved are on the same page.  Also, our team will keep on giving you updates about the progress of your project, which will help you in keeping track of the work done.

We also assure you that we leave no room for laxity and all the new garage door installation and other projects are executed in accordance with the various safety parameters.


So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to avail our quality services at pocket friendly rates. You can also call our customer care department to fix an appointment. We assure you that our team will take care of all the aspects of your job, which includes disposing off the waste generated during the course of a new garage door installation or any other project.

If you have a problem, we have the solution. Visit our website or call our customer care representatives today to know more about us.